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Incidentally, Ed Sheeran was 13 years younger to Nicole. In 2014, Nicole was also linked romantically with rapper and producer, Jay Z.

The latter was said to be cheating on his singer and actress wife Beyonce.

About halfway through their conversation, Williams decided to get something else off her chest."The last time I was talking about you in Hot Topics, I was talking about the seven-year relationship that you had with that racecar driver, Lewis Hamilton, ending. —because you're 37, and I was like, 'This is a woman who spent seven years of her life breaking up and getting back together.' Poor us!

August 2008 - Present Nicole Scherzinger started dating racer Lewis Hamilton in 2008, but in early 2010 their busy careers started getting in the way of romance.

They announced they were splitting in January, but that only lasted about a month before they were spotted together again.

The parents were young when they had Nicole, and they separated when she was still a baby.

Mom took Nicole to live in Louisville, Kentucky with sister Ke'ala and stepfather Gary Scherzinger, from whom she adopted her last name.

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