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Debut telecasts of the show are now pulling in around 1.8 to 1.9 million viewers the night they air — around 40 percent above last year’s audience — while the February 17 episode featuring a visit from (soon-to-be-fired) Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos surged to over 2.1 million.

Once replays and streaming views are tallied, HBO says Maher’s show is averaging 5.5 million viewers each week since Trump’s inauguration, up from last season’s already near-record tally of 4.5 million viewers.

(Only his lead-in, Bill O’Reilly, draws a bigger crowd.) As impressive as that number is, it’s mostly a reflection of Carlson’s adjacency to the top-rated O’Reilly.

What qualifies Carlson a post-Trump success is the surge in younger viewers he’s brought to the 9 p.m.

All the primetime shuffling at Fox News in recent months — with the departure of Megyn Kelly and the ouster of Bill O’Reilly — worked out to the benefit of Rachel Maddow.

The MSNBC star has, for the past several months, supplanted O’Reilly as the No. But on Monday, Sean Hannity moved his show to the p.m. And the early returns suggest that Maddow is going to have her hands full holding on to that top spot.

But among younger viewers — adults under 55 — Maddow on some nights last month actually edged out Rupert Murdoch’s Trump-worshiping infotainment network.

In addition, the absence of Rachel Maddow MSNBC’s star anchor first broke out as a progressive media icon during the dark days of the George W.1 network in cable news — a streak dating back to 2002.For years, Donald Trump has fashioned himself, quite literally, as a “ratings machine,” frequently bragging about his Nielsen prowess even when the facts don’t support it.He’s been fearless in his on-camera interrogations of administration officials such as Kellyanne Conway and dogged in reporting on Trump’s many scandals, including his possible ties to Russia.Tapper’s higher profile — including multiple “appearances” on , also had a strong February, despite the fact that it declined to book some White House–suggested guests.

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Becoming president hasn’t changed his Nielsen obsession, even though the ratings for some of his first big ceremonies as president — the inauguration, a Super Bowl interview, his first address to Congress — have failed to set any records and even come up short compared to his predecessor.

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