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Several photos of the brothers appeared on social media web sites Sunday.The Pounceys have been linked to Hernandez’s off-field activities as police continue to probe Hernandez’s past for clues relating to current murder charges he faces.

And defensive end Ryan Russell, rallying to the football, rolled up on Pouncey's left side. Somewhere, somehow, someone wasn't exactly communicating the message that Mike Pouncey, who has had chronic hip problems in the past and came out of this game with what seemed like a hip injury, could be hurt and probably should not be back in the game.

It is weird not in that Pouncey had surgery on the same left hip in 2014.

I’m just trying to do my job.' (On if he was comfortable at center with the first unit) – “Yes.

Pouncey got hurt with left in the second quarter and the Dolphins trailing 14-0.

What is weird is the circumstances of how Pouncey hurt himself Friday night in the preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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College players and fringe players aren’t so lucky.

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