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Figure 1 illustrates the Web Storage System's programming model.

It shows the support for various protocols, data access methods, and event models.

The implementation of the KM-enabling modules can be plug-and-play.

These features are particularly suitable for knowledge management (KM) solutions.KM enabling modules Two prerequisite technologies, Complete Intranet and Messaging and Collaboration, are the foundation for all KM systems.These technologies build an infrastructure that supports the efficient transport, structure, access, and collaborative management of information.Walson Lee Microsoft Corporation October 2000 Summary: This article outlines a design process for developing effective knowledge management solutions using the Web Storage System.(35 printed pages) Introduction Web Storage System as a Development Platform Building KM Solutions Microsoft Solutions Framework: Services-Based Application Model MSF Design Process KM Solutions Design Model Best Practices for User Services Design Best Practices for Business Services Design Best Practices for Data Services Schema Design Best Practices for Web Storage System Folder Structure SQL and the Web Storage System Physical Design Considerations Security Model Performance Scalability and Availability Guideline Review Implementation of Taxonomy Integration with Line-of-Business Applications Conclusion Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server is the first Microsoft product to introduce a new storage technology called the Web Storage System.

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