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The most noticeable difference between Craigslist's erotic and adult categories is the photos.In the adult section, the photos are less provocative. When it comes to the text, however, the two sections are very similar. Ads in both areas include descriptions of the masseuse's breast size ("I'm a natural C cup") and they are often photographed dressed in their underwear.In the area of Backpages that services Charleston, S.C., one ad found on Tuesday by CNET featured a photo of a bare-chested woman apparently engaged in masturbation.Mc Master hasn't made any similar threats--at least none that has been publicized--against Backpages.Managers at Backpages did not respond to an interview request.It must be noted that there was nothing as graphic on Craigslist.This is relevant because Henry Mc Master, South Carolina's attorney general, last week threatened Craigslist with a criminal investigation.

For example, is an online classified publication and Craigslist competitor.In November, Craigslist and 40 state attorneys general, including Mc Master, signed an agreement that called for the site to add more safeguards.The classifieds publication followed through and one of the new changes was a new requirement that anyone posting to the erotic section must provide a credit card.She wished to remain anonymous, so neither the ad's photo nor text can be included in this story.Regardless, it isn't hard to find questionable ads in Craigslist's new adult section.

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Often, they feature photos of a woman or man dressed provocatively in their underwear or bathing suit. Clearly, Craigslist faces a significant challenge as it tries to purge prostitution from its Web pages.

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