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Even though we cleaned up and we’ve never had sex, I’m really worried that something could have happened because my period is late. You’re not the first person to ask this question, and you most certainly won’t be the last.I feel so stupid for asking this, but is it possible to get pregnant even if you’re a virgin? In fact, I was once in the exact same position as you.

Call your doctor or get medical help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away: These are not all of the side effects that may occur.

I know how scary this thought is, and I totally understand where you’re coming from.

The unfortunate truth is that, yes, you actually get pregnant even if you’ve never had sex with a guy.

It does NOT include all information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to anastrozole.

This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from the healthcare provider.

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The chance of getting pregnant because he came on your thigh is much lower than even if you just had unprotected sex and he didn’t finish. But that doesn’t change the fact that the chance is still there, and that’s enough to freak you out.

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