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Even e Harmony suggests not to upload pictures of yourself in a costume. Otaku dating works because it matches you with other people with similar interests, which is extremely important for any relationship.

Although your long term relationship status is most affected by your personality (which My Otaku also checks), common interests are important to look at.

However, having other interests would be even better when it comes to finding a romantic partner. ” Netizens appeared to take the advice in good stride, considering both tweets have gotten over 20,000 and 10,000 retweets respectively.

They rationalized this by alluding to topics such as parent meet ups, what to teach their future kids, and dealing with real world concerns.

Otaku usually don't fit in at these websites, though.When on a website for dating other Otaku, it's important to consider the motives behind the website, while also considering it's design.Does it look suspiciously like another niche dating website?“Real-type otaku” refers to otaku who are actively balancing their love for anime and manga with other non-related hobbies. People with otaku-interests, but who also do non-otaku things 3.One of Tora Con’s tweets explained the value of having other interests beyond anime and manga. People with otaku-interests, but also some other attractive quality People in groups 2 and 3 are the ones who’re most likely to have romantic success, so if you can, it’s best to give yourself some sort of ‘added value.’ As much as possible, really.

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