Muture dating

A mature woman knows that in a relationship there needs to be honesty.

It's not worth playing games with someone who twists the truth.

Since we can't go back in time to restore the friendships we had, a woman now knows that she will never risk a bond like that again.

In our 20s, our girlfriends are like soulmates and we feel like we're kindred spirits.

The top contender for women was a man who was honest.

A mature gal also knows how to evaluate the consequences of getting into an argument.A mature woman will enter the relationship with financial confidence and needs a man who will not be intimidated by this.At this time in life, she wants a man for companionship and money is secondary. It not about the gifts, it about remembering their favorite food or doing acts of kindness.Not everyone marries a person who is thoughtful and this is important to her and she knows it's a two-way street.She knows that the man she's with needs to be treated with respect and kindness.

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  1. **************************************************************** So look – there’s a few nuances I’ve come to appreciate, and a few clarifications I should maybe have made (and would have, had I known the level of scrutiny I’d receive after the post), but overall what I said then and what I think now line up pretty well, taking into account the fact that my intention in repeating items like 2, 3, and 4 was to paint a picture of what we were told to expect rather than what I actually observed – a point which I attempted to clarify in my editor’s note.