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It has provided support to tens of thousands of bereaved families, and trained almost 80,000 medics, police officers and other professionals in how to understand the needs of distressed families because, as Julia puts it, ‘the way parents are told that their child is dying or has died lives with them for ever and getting that right is vital’.

Within this small, private space overlooking the rooftops of West London, there is not an unthinkable story Julia has not heard and when, unsurprisingly, her heightened awareness means that she is occasionally filled with dread that a sudden rash could be meningitis or one of the grandchildren is about to choke on a grape, it is Michael who restores her equilibrium.

(Maybe she doesn't remember that, though Mark won with Shawn Johnson, he got further with Bristol than he did with Sabrina Bryan.)"What does Sabrina or Shawn have to do with this? Which, good news for Bristol, Len Goodman called "easily [her] best dance." (She still finished up in last place, but her numbers Drew Lachey paid homage to fellow boy-bander Joey Mc Intyre's cha-cha and ended up being praised for his "power drill"-reminiscent booty."It worked for Channing Tatum, it's going to work for you," purred Bruno Tonioli.

After respectable showing (he should've done the worm!

She enrolled on a counselling course specialising in bereavement.

The princess coached Julia for her inaugural speech, went shopping with her for a suitable outfit (‘I still have it – a navy blue long jacket and skirt; I got a lot more attention in the shop than I would have done had I been on my own’) and attended the launch, with a television and press pack in tow.'I keep a photograph of us together on my dressing table, and for about a year afterwards, I would put it in a drawer, and then take it out again and although my head knew, my heart couldn’t register that she was no longer here.In the Guinness Kensington home, life was fun but formal – the children resided largely in the nursery, where their mother would come up for tea ‘smelling gorgeous’ and they, in turn, would be taken down to meet guests, to whom they would curtsey.‘My mother’s mother, father, sister and brother were all dead by the time she was 25, and my father lost his father and brother young, but it was an era in which you maintained a stiff upper lip, so these things weren’t ever acknowledged.’Commanding much attention, too, as they grew up, were Julia’s sisters, particularly glamorous Sabrina (who famously dated Prince Charles, Rod Stewart and Jack Nicholson, and is now married to Sir Tom Stoppard).Happily, Hugo has long since recovered – now a successful artist and Oscar-nominated scriptwriter (he co-wrote The Grand Budapest Hotel), he lives with his wife and two daughters in New York.For Julia, that phase was a significant stepping stone.

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