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This is because the song inspired the people to build national consciousness and to call for unity of the people. Indonesia is led by a President who acts as the Head of the State and Chief Executive.

In exercising his/her duties, the President is assisted by a Vice-President.

Pancasila consists of five principles: The Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia is referred to as the 1945 Constitution.

The name was taken after the year in which it was drafted and adopted.

As a result, the original Constitution has grown from 37 articles to 73.

The amendment of the Constitution provides new approaches in establishing a democratic government.

That occasion opened the opportunity for the Indonesian people to proclaim their independence.

Three days after the unconditional Japanese surrender, on August 17, 1945, the Indonesian national leaders Ir. Mohammad Hatta proclaimed Indonesia`s independence on behalf of the people.

Garuda represents a symbol of strong and energetic nation.These feathers stand for the Indonesian Independence Day of August 17, 1945.Garuda carried an ancient Javanese motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, meaning Unity in Diversity, The motto was said to be created by Empu Tantular during the Majapahit Kingdom in the 15th Century.The most important of the changes were: The Indonesian national flag usually called Sang Merah Putih, is made up of two colors, red and white.The flag has been flown since the Independence Day of August 17, 1945, The Indonesian government still preserves the oldest historical national flag known as bendera pusaka.

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