Is chris botti dating katie couric

"I moved to New York at exactly the time Wynton Marsalis exploded onto the scene," says Botti, whose sense of awe and envy of the New Orleans phenom remains undiminished after nearly three decades."I knew there was no way I was ever going to be able to compete with him as a straight-ahead jazz player. He began recording with the likes of Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and Thomas Dolby. His big break finally came in 1990, when Paul Simon took him on the road.But the classics were hardly this Oregon native's first love.Born in Portland in 1962, he began taking trumpet lessons at age 9.But Botti was also thrilled to learn the concert would include Hancock.

A more conventional age difference, though, with Molner, 50, a partner at Brown Brothers Harriman, whom she started dating in spring 2012 and made her red-carpet debut with in May."It was an emotionally wrenching and traumatic experience for the whole country.I began looking at the Chopin recording as being part of the healing process." Botti is endowed with serious classical chops, so it's not surprising to find him doing justice to Chopin.Couric finally settled the matter, reminding the trumpeter that he wasn't playing for Bush, but rather for the office of the president.A second presidential invitation went down more smoothly, in part because there was a new incumbent — Barack Obama.

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