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Relationships are indeed expected to have less physical intimacy – and since sexual intercourse is only for married people and oral sex is only for whores, Georgians who date each other have to either brazenly violate social taboos or limit themselves to cutesy G-rated eyelash-batting nonsense, which is often cited as the reason why so many Georgians get married at such a young age.Georgians who do date each other in a more Western sense of the word generally maintain some level of pretense about what is going on, especially with their families but in many cases also with their friends and acquaintances.However, in general I think that the folks at orientation made too much of the whole patroni thing.Also, one of the things that patronebi would theoretically do is take revenge on men who had deflowered the women in their charge.This is basically a vacuous responsibility because no Georgian woman in her right mind would ever admit to her “patroni” that she had had sex with someone who she wasn’t married to. “It is considered strange for men and women to be friends.” They told us this at training but as far as I can tell it’s not true – although there do seem to be certain social activities that women are enjoined from participating in, like sitting around at a restaurant smoking cigarettes or standing around out in the street and smoking cigarettes, that men seem to spend the bulk of their free time doing, and so often men and women do lead totally separate social lives.This is different for the young, educated, affluent Tbilisi set, who are more likely to come in mixed crowds. “Apparently, Georgian men do not understand the concept of a single woman who is not interested in marrying the first random stranger to approach her, and can become insistent and/or dangerous if not rejected properly” This is snarky but basically true.

It’s irritating and pathetic but rarely gets to the level of dangerous, although I have heard of many cases in which the Georgian man will stop asking and just decide to take what he wants. “I’d say the most striking thing about this situation is the fact that the women who come to Georgia with TLG are basically seen by many men in Georgia – Georgians and TLG men included – as the only potential sexual outlet in the entire country.” Not just true, but oft cited by Georgians as if this excuses the constant harassment Georgian men subject foreign women to.

However, I did neglect the fact that TLGers are not the only foreigners to come to Georgia and are thus not the only sexual outlet for Georgian men.

There are also Russian and Ukrainian girls, various NGO workers, and of course there are Georgian women who come to be known as sluts through such transgressions as being divorced or being indiscrete about a premarital relationship.

We were definitely warned that in Georgia, there is a saying that when a woman says no, she means maybe, when she says maybe, she means yes, and when she says yes, she is not a woman.

Now, maybe that saying obtains more in the villages and less in Tbilisi or maybe the various people who told it to us had just pulled it out of their asses, but the ninety-something of us who came in group three all heard that (and various other nuggets about the medieval Georgian mentality towards women and sex) a number of times.

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