Drake equation applied dating

Frank Drake in 1961 to calculate the probability of finding extraterrestrial life in our galaxy that can communicate with Earth.But instead of looking for life on another planet, Backus was looking for love in London.

Hanson’s math for a hypothetical love searcher is 871 special someones out there in the world for her. Scientists created a formula for future bliss based on a (dubiously scientific) relationship survey of 2,000 men and women.Taking the last example first, for those of us thinking that online dating is simply hocus-pocus feeding off the insecurities of the lonely, think again.With a modified Drake equation we can deduce the number of potential partners that are realistic candidates for happiness ever after by letting N equal P (the population of the geographical area under consideration), times A (the fraction of P matching your desired sex), times E (the fraction that falls within the desired age range), all the way along to H1 (those you’d consider meeting), ending up with the distinctly frightening H2 (those who would consider dating you).After running the equation past himself (hypothetically, of course), the author finished his analysis by reaching the conclusion that there were 26 prospective partners out there corresponding to his requirements (although why he finds this depressing is something of a mystery).Fernandez is more upbeat about how to get rich (or at least stop being poor).

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