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Or that pair that you weren't sure you liked at first but they were so comfortable and friends said they look good on you so you wear them every chance you get? You can be perfectly happy with what you already have and are comfortable with, they you get a flier or something in the mail advertising a sale , shoes in this case, and even though you don't need a new pair, the ad was catchy , caught your eye and you go..

Maybe we're here to surrender, flow and be happy, not just conquor and run pick up a pair try it on, dosnt fit pop it back on the shelf, or you just window shop, and browse, see a pair .nice..wont be able to walk in them..a thought!!! From the shoes' point of view, we just want to be chosen sometimes- however you should not feel you have to pick out and wear someone just because he's sad about being ignored on the shelf.(we're on-one-level like a commodity = not yur fault) Naight Yeah, but haven't you ever picked out that pair of shoes you thought were for just the one occasion and you ended up having them around a while?i get it now why woman likes shopping lol i see what i am missing but then its not hard to find what you are looking for if you know what it is you want and dont expect to find it all in one so find what means the happy Human beings are not a commercial commodity.

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