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When you get people who are overtly rude, this means they might start off using some eye contact and using a few flirt rituals, but as they realise they’re not really getting anywhere or they’re not keen you get a lack of attachment signals.So you’ll begin to see a little bit of an eye dart - one side to the other - to see if there’s anyone else more interesting that might fancy them.Just because he crosses his arms doesn't mean he's thinking about dumping you. Then maybe that arm-cross just means he has indigestion.Maybe he has allergies, so he's constantly scratching his nose.Or maybe he's super nervous, so he's looking down and avoiding your gaze.If you see one of the negative tells in the list above, it’s a good idea to ask a subtle question or two, like Look for pairings of multiple cues to give you a firm sense of whether your instincts are on target.You'd communicate through a series of body language signals, both conscious and subconscious, that you're interested and open to his advances.Cues — a beaming smile, a casual hair flip, a coy lean forward when he speaks, and an empathetic cocking of your head — would send the crystal-clear message that you want him.

Learning to recognize a guy's body language cues can be one of the most important skills in your dating arsenal.

On a good date, you'll have surefire proof he's into you, and on a less-than-great date, you'll be saved from potential embarrassment or even clued into the fact that he's not worth a second drink.

Instinctively, you know that a guy's facial expressions, gestures, and mannerisms are windows into his mind and emotional state.

Also look for metronomic signals such as foot tapping, drumming their fingers on the table, tapping a finger at the side of their face.

If someone instructed you to "Go over there and flirt with that guy," you'd inherently know what to do.

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