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Preventing the problem To prevent bad breath it is beneficial to stick to a good daily oral hygiene routine, which should involve brushing the teeth twice a day and using dental floss and mouthwash regularly.If you have noticed that your partner doesn’t brush their teeth regularly, try to encourage them to start cleaning their teeth twice a day.If your partner smokes and you can’t deal with their breath after smoking, talk to them about it.The only way to deal with unpleasant breath after smoking is to stop smoking, but eating mints or chewing gum can help to disguise the smell on a short-term basis."Your sense of smell and taste is based internally, so you become used to your own breath, even if it's bad," says Messina."If halitosis is the baseline, you're not aware of that because the nose becomes de-sensitized." The experts agree that even though it seems literally impossible, you might be doing someone a huge favor by letting them know about their breath in a nice and honest and honest way.

I've seen it in men and women from 10 years old to 95 years old and you can develop it at any point in your life," Dr. "There's the temporary 'I just had garlic and onions on my sandwich at lunch' bad breath, where these pungent flavors linger in the mouth and lungs," Dr. And then there's bad breath caused by bacteria in your mouth, which is halitosis.If you improve your oral hygiene and and your breath doesn't get better, or the stank breath begins very suddenly, you should see a dentist who can better look into the problem and suggest a treatment.You might smell someone's breath and think OMG they have to know that their breath is this bad, but that isn't really the case.It’s really important to brush the teeth on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from settling in the mouth.Using mouthwash and dental floss on a regular basis will also help to reduce the risk of halitosis. Approaching the subject It can be difficult to talk to someone about having bad breath because it’s not the nicest thing to hear about yourself and they may be offended.

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