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As someone who was raised a Protestant, I have never sent back a plate of food at a restaurant. Thus, Jewish life came as a shock -- all the whining, whinging, complaining, kvetching, and entitlement.Jews tend to have a strong sense of importance, and tend to lead passionate lives pursuing various lives.The RCA constitution calls for a panel of peers to review the activities of a rabbi accused of misbehavior.This is called a Beis Din Hakavod, or a Vaad Hakavod, which has always been understood as referring to an administrative process, not a Beit Din proceeding.The bad ones also refuse to discipline their children, who rack up a lot of fines on books for school projects, then expect their parents to show up at the library and chew out the staff or renew their books long beyond the acceptable limits (9 weeks).All my coworkers--mostly Gentiles, but a couple very friendly Jews as well--have this tacit understanding that all the worst patrons are Jewish, but I think we're all so ashamed to suspect or discuss as much.Please help me understand why this is so because I am totally at a loss.I'm writing to you because your profiles of people like Scott Rudin, Peter Bart and Harvey Weinstein reminded me of some of our biggest offenders! I understand you converted to Judaism so maybe you can enlighten this ignorant Catholic. While Jews tend to be rich, educated, and law-abiding, there are sins they are disproportionately responsible for -- much of the filth in the music, TV and film industry (not that it would be much better if all Jews left), leftist political activism, feminism, and general rudeness.

Why would rabbi Herring and the RCA believe themselves to be so unassailably righteous in the handling of sex abuse charges that they would take this pompous tone?Ren writes: "As long as you're surrounded by [] chicks, you're going to fall for [] chicks. Location, location, location." About halfway through Martin Scorsese's 1995 biopic "Casino," legendary Las Vegas casino manager Frank Rosenthal, played by actor Robert De Niro, is confronted by a Stetson-wearing gaming commissioner hankering to use his shiny snakeskin boots to "kick a kike's ass" out of town. you ain't home." The real Rosenthal's failure to heed the warning during the late 1970s cost him his casino and, when a Mafia enforcer car-bombed him outside a restaurant, very nearly his life. The commissioner in the movie had conveniently forgotten, of course, that if Bugsy Siegel and a few other Jewish gangsters in the 1940s hadn't recognized an opportunity in the desert, he would be hitching his mule to a trailer-park post, not playing big shot in what has become a perpetual boomtown.The women outside of [] are scared off by your job. "Your people never will understand the way it works out here," he tells the man who was known as the "King of Las Vegas." "You're all just our guests. With tens of millions of people tapping out at the poker or blackjack tables, Sin City is raking it in, almost totally immune to the ordinary business cycle that rules the rest of America.The city attracted 37 million visitors last year, with the town's top six gaming companies generating a combined .9 billion, up 7 percent from the year before, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the city's largest daily newspaper.Vegas convention centers now attract some 15 percent - .5 billion worth - of the nation's trade shows.

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Find me another community," he challenges, "that has tripled in size in less than a dozen years." Indeed, the fastest- growing city in America - the population has doubled since 1990 to 1.6 million - now boasts the fastest growing Jewish community on the continent.

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